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Address: Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Zhongshan City, Long Road 2188, the new gate of Science and Technology ParkContact: Miss Miss
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Changzhou HengZheng Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. is a set of software development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the modern science and technology enterprises.
Heng is the company introduced a professional production equipment and production lines, equipped with sophisticated detection and analysis equipment. The main manufacturing electronic balance FA / JA series, YP series of large weighing electronic balance. Products are widely used in textile, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, agriculture, medicine and other industries, as well as tertiary institutions, research institutions and other enterprises.
Heng Zheng company since its inception, by virtue of "integrity, green, quality, efficient" eight words of the business philosophy and quality policy, praised by the majority of customers and favor, the products have been widely sold in various regions and China, exported to Asia , Europe and other countries and regions.
Integrity: honesty is honest, the company treat people with sincerity, the customer, the staff, the supply unit, and always "honest" on the first letter: the letter is credibility, the company as the credibility of life, the quality of products, Brand, always as "letter" for life.
Green: the company more than well-known domestic institutions, scientific research units set up a first-class R & D team, strong technical force, to promote sustainable customers to provide environmentally friendly, energy-saving green new products, market prospects.
Boutique: the company hired a professional management company, formed a set of scientific and rigorous management system for the manufacture of quality provides a strong guarantee and backing.
Efficient: the company has attracted a number of high-quality, high-efficiency production, management, service team, to long-term to meet the various needs of customers, long-term to provide warm, thoughtful, intimate and efficient service.

Address: Experimental Building, No. 489, Xinye Road, Xinzhu, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Contact: Miss Miss
Post Code: 213000
Tel: 0519-83263587
Fax: 0519-83268313
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